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Hitting the nail: At least, give us food

Last time the government made a statement about the food situation in the country was when it released a press statement making a rather suspicious rebuttal that someone had died of hunger.

What the government wants us to believe is that all of us are food secure and no one will die of hunger this year. But, if we are to be raw, this is a lie that even Satan—the arch liar— would be ashamed of because when you walk around, you will clearly see that we are in deep trouble as far as the food situation is concerned.

Spot checks that we conducted just this week revealed how much most Malawians are labouring to access maize from Admarc depots across the country. Even the greatest of liars would be ashamed to stand on any executive podium to tell the world that we have food in this country when in reality things are clearly otherwise.

People are spending hours on end at Admarc depots waiting to buy maize which, even when it is rationed, is nowhere to be found. What we have gathered is that there is a syndicate whereby some uncouth maize traders are conniving with some Admarc staff to buy the little maize that is available and then sell it to desperate Malawians at a higher price.

Malawians are not having the best of times now considering the fact that we are experiencing one of the scaring economic down turns. Most of us are broke and cannot afford a bag of maize from private traders who have no regard for anything other than making profits. Now, since Admarc is failing to make available maize for the desperate Malawians to buy at a rather cheaper price, people are being forced to buy the maize from these private traders.

But the problem, as I have hinted earlier, is that a greater number of Malawians do not have the wherewithal to buy maize and their only hope in Admarc. Sadly, we do not have maize at Admarc depots and if there is any, it is being corruptly sold to merchants who are later trading it off at an arm and a leg.

This is time the government must stop burying its head in the sand and face the problem head on. Our bellies will not be filled by some executive lies or some mere euphony about the hunger situation in this country. The situation is dire and it is only an insult to tell people that everything is under control when even a kindergarten chap knows that things are just not okay.

The problem is that government is busy politicising the hunger situation and thinking that we are just out there to discredit it for failing to control the situation. But this is not the case. What is simply being demanded here is that the government must put its house in order and address the hunger situation with utmost urgency.

Malawians are dying of hunger and we do not have the luxury of continuing with this trend. The government as per its duty must make maize available to its people by all means.

And when this maize is made available at Admarc depots there is need for the government to provide tight security to ensure that no one is selling the maize to corrupt traders who are worsening the situation.

All I am saying here is that the government must depart from its illusory stance that we are still food secure when the reality on the ground is that people are queuing at Admarc depots day and night in vain while others are dying of hunger.

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