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Attorney General concludes MCP third witness cross-examination

KAPHALE— An election is not a 100 percent process

Attorney General (AG) Kalekeni Kaphale has concluded cross-examining Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP) third witness Peter Lackson after two weeks.

Kaphale said they have managed to prove their theory with the witness.

“Just like any other cross-examination, you have a plan, a theory and push the theory to realise it and we have just done that,” he said

Kaphale said the cross-examination has been done from over 14 files that the witness had.

During the cross-examination, the two went through issues of rules and regulations guiding the elections in the country, irregularities and their impact on their valid votes, as well as logbooks.

The two also compared all results forms in as afar as valid votes of candidates is concerned where Kaphale also agreed to some of the irregularities that were found in vote counting.

Kaphale, however, argued that from their exercise, irregularities could not have affected the final result of the valid vote.

“An election is not a 100 percent process because they are human agents that are dealing with it. Even a question of copying a result to a computer, mistakes are prone to happen but the issue is; are they enough to affect the result of an election? We agreed that in some cases the other candidates’ vote got deducted,” he said

Tomorrow, lawyer representing President Peter Mutharika will take over cross- examination for two and half days.

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