Audit exercise delays K1.6 billion Ex-MYPs’ pension


It never rains but pours for the former Malawi Young Pioneer (MYP) officers as the Treasury has taken a stand that payment of their terminal benefits would only be made once an audit exercise of their documents is completed.

Earlier, task force leader Franco Chilemba said authorities had assured them of disbursing the K1.6 billion after the passing of the 2017/2018 National Budget.

However, the group’s vigil to force Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development to release their funds has entered into a second week with authorities insisting that the funds would only come out of the government coffers once the National Audit Office finalises the audit process.


Treasury spokesperson Alfred Kutengule Wednesday said the idea is to deal away with ghost pensioners who may take advantage of the process.

“There are no specific developments. What government is doing is verifying the names of the officers. We need to verify whether the people that are coming are genuine; thereafter, we can make the payment,” he said.

Kutengule was, however, non-committal on when the audit exercise would be completed.


“We can’t have the specific date because we are looking at over 2,600 files and according to the update, they have done almost half, so it might take two or three weeks or so. But there is that commitment,” he said.

Chilemba has expressed reservations about the development, arguing that it is taking longer than expected.

“The list that we gave them has all the names. They cannot audit the names without involving us because whatever they may come up with might differ with what we know. They should have involved us and it’s been three months now and the story is the same,” he said.

MYP was disbanded in 1993.

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