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On June 20 2018, C.M Tukula wrote what would go down as a witty piece of literature; ‘The High Court Murder Case in Thyolo’.

If there is one piece of art that I want God to let me take into the next life it is that.

I did not get this from the traditional media. It was on Facebook/ WhatsApp. The point is that Facebook is not all about ‘fake news’.


Publishing for budding writers is as easy as inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon monoxide today. It was not so from the beginning.

That said and probably understood, there is a need to add Jewish wisdom as penned by Moses; “Don’t go loose-lipped among your people (but) don’t stand idly by either as your neighbour bleeds;I am God (Leviticus 16:19).

Different versions abound, the gist of it is, however, that you need to develop a thermostat that should regulate your chip as it pivots between excesses of claptrap and that which is medicine to the social maladies of humankind.


Desire to be masterly.

How can one gain such depth? There are a lot who already have. So, use the Onjezani Kenani or Idriss Ali Nassah templates.Bear in mind, though, that National Bank Towers was not built in a single year.

You need some tools to accomplish the task. Google Keeps helps to capture moments of artistic inspiration. When ideas keep flashing, it’s not time to rush and post them on Facebook, “screenshot” them.

When you are ready to compose, transfer your Google Keeps file to a word processor. There is a range of free ones available on GooglePlay or Apple Store. WriterPlus is a simple and amazing app for text input. I love its auto-save feature; nothing is lost.

Mackor is more full-fledged than WriterPlus. It has extra features like QuickNote, To-Do-List and edit and view modes. Pure Writer makes essential features very accessible. While it’s free, you may need to pay a tad for its professional features.

And there is the legendary Microsoft Word. You need a licence for this but there is a free-lunch one available.

A poetic sentence here and phrase there does beautifully ice-cake your story. Need some inspiration? Try Poems For All Seasons from GooglePlay.

Finally, edit your story thoroughly before posting. Be ruthlessly critical of own work; ‘’murder your own children’’. Use tools like The Sage and Offline Advanced English Dictionary to verify real meanings of words.

One more thing, don’t forget to send me a thank-you note.

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