AXA unveils plans to go into Sadc region


Passenger service provider AXA Bus Company has disclosed plans to extend its services into other countries of the southern African region as one strategy to expanding its business.

AXA General Manager, Cuthbert Chinguo said the company has already procured and is just awaiting delivery of new buses for the regional market.

He said the company intends to fully roll out the regional service end of this year.


“We are the market leaders in Malawi with the highest number of passengers and we believe it’s now time to take our services into the region,” said Chinguo.

He said discussions are already under way with authorities in various countries in the region over the prospective services.

Chinguo said despite challenges in the Malawi economy, AXA is focused on sustainability of existing services and further growth.


“As a market leader, we have survival strategies in turbulent times. And we hope that with the harvesting period, inflation would continue to come down and we anticipate stable fuel prices,” he said

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