B2B networks blamed for industry stagnation


A business consultancy firm, Umodzi Consulting, has blamed stagnation of most businesses lack of interest among business players to create synergies through sharing ideas and opportunities on issues that affect them.

Managing Director at the firm, Tione Kaonga, has stressed that long lasting business relationships among decision makers influence the right policy direction which is critical to the survival of businesses in the current economic climate.

Kaonga was speaking during a networking forum his organisation hosted for business players in Blantyre.


Kaonga observed that unlike in other countries where the private sector places more value on networking forums, Malawi is failing to develop its private sector because most players are in the dark on opportunities available.

“If you go to countries like Israel, United Kingdom, Uganda or Kenya, you find that people value networking a lot because it is during such events that you get to know and build trust with people that you can work with. It also helps you to become more organised as a business because you learn from others. Sometimes, because we are not networking, we are not able to know the opportunities that are there,” Kaonga said.

He said some companies are failing to meet tender requirements because they lack knowledge on the developments happening in their sectors making it difficult for them [companies] to form consortiums.


One of the participants to the networking session, Managing Director of Sunrise, Stan Phiri, said there was need to raise more awareness among business players on networking forums available.

“Most lack knowledge. If people knew the benefits and the availability of such events, it would be easy to initiate mind-set change,” Phiri said.

Umodzi Consulting is a development project whose objective is to build the capacity, performance, and viability of private enterprises in Malawi through the development and application of local business consultancy skills.

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