Babatunde Adepoju saga rages on

Maunde (right)

Developments surrounding the transfer of Be Forward Wanderers striker, Babatunde Adepoju, continue with his confirmation that he had indeed signed a two-year deal with Silver Strikers.

Babatunde was one of Silver’s major targets in the current transfer window but the Central Bankers later changed tune after agreeing an K8 million fee, forcing the Nigerian to return to Wanderers.

However, the Nomads declined to take Babatunde back, claiming that the move had been completed as Silver had already agreed personal terms with him.


In a bid to resolve the matter, Wanderers took the matter to Football Association of Malawi which sided with them and asked Silver to pay the agreed fee in compensation.

But Silver appealed against the ruling, saying they resolved not to sign the player after their technical panel expressed satisfaction with the squad.

Earlier this week, it transpired that Babatunde travelled to Lilongwe to sign a two-year deal with the Bankers in the presence of his local manager Zachariah Nyirenda.


It has also been reported that differences among Silver’s Board members was the reason the deal fell through as others were of the view that only one person at the club single-handedly made the decision to sign the lanky player.

Babatunde said he was going through painful moments as he does not know where he belongs.

“I can confirm that I indeed signed for Silver. But I am at pains as my issue keeps dragging. As I speak, I do not know where I belong. I signed a two-year contract with Silver Strikers having successfully gone through the contract with the guidance of my manager. We were convinced to take up the offer after agreeing personal terms,” Babatunde said.

Wanderers General Secretary, Victor Maunde, said the player’s sentiments had vindicated his club.

“We took a position on the matter that Babatunde had signed for Silver. What is coming out now is clear evidence that the player belongs to Silver. They made a commitment to sign him and they did so. So Babatunde is a Silver player,” Maunde said.

However, Nyirenda refused to comment on reports that he witnessed his client putting pen to paper at Area 47.

“I am not commenting on the signing of the deal. My only worry is on the future of my player. Let us not pretend here. The player is psychologically affected. We need to finalise this issue once and for all. I am worried about his future,” he said.

Football Association of Malawi Transfer Matching Sys tems and Compl iance Manager, Casper Jangale, said they would help the player once he lodges a complaint.

“We have not received any complaining from the player on the matter. Once the complaint reaches us, we will act accordingly. It is indeed worrying to see the player in the middle of nowhere.

“We appreciate his concerns because he has to have a team to play for. But we are hopeful that we will get to the bottom table of the issue and help him accordingly,” Jangale said.

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