Babatunde shares agony of losing K1.5 million

Victor Maunde

Be Forward Wanderers’ Nigerian striker Babatunde Adepoju say the salary cut that was

implemented at his club has taken away about K1.5 million of his wages in four months.

Wanderers’ sponsor – Japanese firm Be Forward Limited- effected a 50 percent sponsorship cut in April before adding another 10 percent cut a month later due to loss of business as a result of the pandemic.


Babatunde said he was sailing in troubled waters following the pay cut.

“I have a family [wife and a kid] to look after here [in Malawi]. This is on top of my relations in Nigeria who solely rely on me. It is painful and frustrating to lose about K1.5 million in four months,” said Wanderers’ last season’s leading scorer in the TNM Super League.

Meanwhile, another Wanderers attacker Peter Wadabwa, owed his survival to transport business.


“I run transportation business with three cars. This, at least, gives me a little something to make ends meet. Otherwise what we are getting at the club is not enough to sustain ourselves,” he said.

Wanderers captain Alfred Manyozo Jr said following the salary cuts some junior players were receiving about K40,000 per month which he felt was not enough to live a decent life.

“It is not easy to live with such an amount. Sixty percent cut has hit the players hard. We don’t know what we will happen next,” he said.

Wanderers Team Manager Victor Maunde said they are exploring ways on how to help the players.

“We are still in the process of setting committees to see how best we can help them [players]. As of now the pay cuts will continue as long as Covid-19 is still there,” he said.

Football Players Association (FPA) Ernest Mangani said it was time for all Super League players to register with the body.

“We are saddened with what is happening at Wanderers. Babatunde has every reason to be frustrated. As an association that fights for players’ welfare we feel for them. We shall continue engaging the clubs for the better of the players’ welfare,” he said.

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