Back any alliance torchbearer—Saulos Chilima


UTM president Saulos Chilima has urged the party’s supporters to accept and support any presidential candidate and running-mate who will lead their alliance in the forthcoming fresh presidential election.

Chilima was speaking when he addressed a rally at Njamba Freedom Party, Blantyre, Sunday days after UTM and Malawi Congress Party announced that they had agree to go into an electoral alliance.

Chilima, who is also State Vice-President, said the alliance can only have one presidential candidate at a time.


“The court made it clear that a presidential candidate needs to get 50 percent-plus-one of the votes to be declared the winner. If we go separately, none of us can get the votes and there will be need for runoff elections. Why should we waste more money conducting a runoff when we can form an alliance now and get 60 percent-plus-12 of the votes?” he said.

Chilima then said the alliance between UTM, MCP and other political parties will help them win the forthcoming election with an outright majority.

“UTM will remain UTM, MCP will remain MCP; all the other parties will remain but we are only pooling our strengths to ensure that we redeem our beloved nation. UTM has a flag, MCP has a flag, all these parties have flags but we are all working for our national flag which stands above all these flags,” he said.


Among other political leaders who attended the rally were George Mnesa of Malawi Forum for Unity and Development, John Chisi (Umodzi Party), Mark Katsonga Phiri (Peoples Progressive Movement) and MCP’s deputy publicity secretary Kondi Msungama.

Chilima said UTM and its allies will deliver on campaign promises which include creating one million jobs, mega farms, K75 billion loan scheme, removing water and electricity connection fees.

Chilima said he has secured funds for the construction of 20,000 houses for the country’s security personnel.

He also took advantage of the gathering to remind Malawians to observe hygiene and safety measures to protect themselves from coronavirus which has unsettled the world.

Speaking earlier UTM secretary general, Patricia Kaliati, said the party and its allies will not be intimidated in the run-up to the fresh elections.

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