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By Richard Chilango Jnr:


Unheralded hip hop artist Happy Bakolo, best known in music circles as Baxxy, is set to release his first video installment of the year.

The video, titled ‘Splash’, is scheduled for release on May 1. As is his trademark, the film is an over-the-top video.


The youthful composer, who came straight out of Biscuit Music duo to take the world of rap music by storm, said he intended to release the video to cement his reputation as one of the promising musical talents in the country.

“Arts is an industry of supply and demand and, as such, I have just succumbed to fans’ pressure,” he said.

Basically, Splash is a hip hop tune that reflects the lifestyle of youths who are fun-stricken by the alluring habit of heavy drinking, as commonplace in urban settings.


The video will be premiered officially on Times Television by host Fatsani Blak Jak Kalonda during the famous show Fusion Live, which beams twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.

“The video is sandwiched with built-up scenes. Zingwangwa Township was the perfect place to stage the video since the township is renowned for its entertainment roots,” says Baxxy, whose individual breakthrough dawned in 2018 after winning the price of best Graphic Designer during the last edition of the Urban Music People awards.

Baxxy is one artist whose music commitment is arousing shivers among established acts. His musical trademark of sticking to the local hip hop touch seems to appeal to more fans as exemplified by the rising popularity of home-based artist ‘Seven O More’ of Anatha fame.

The artist’s manager, Director-Jay-Are, says the video is likely to expand Baxxy’s fan base as Malawians will be eager to sample what the act has on offer this year.

“The new project is a major step in Baxxy’s music career, in the sense that the video will expose him to local fans,” he said.

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