Ball embedded in lip of hole


Happy New Year to all our valued readers. This week, we look at an embedded ball in a lip of a hole.

Let us start by defining what a hole is; A ball is “holed” when it is at rest within the circumference of the hole and all of it is below the level of the lip of the hole.

The player must mark and lift their ball and, in the unlikely event that a member of the Committee is on hand, request that the hole is repaired.


Otherwise, the player may repair the damage as best they can, without penalty. The ball must then be replaced on the lip and putted out. Decision 16- 1a/6 clarifies the procedure for a player when a hole is damaged.

  1. Prior to putting, a player discovers that the hole has been damaged. What is the proper procedure?
  2. If the damage is not clearly identifiable as a ball mark, then:

(a) If the damage is such that the proper dimensions of the hole have not been changed materially, the player should continue play without repairing the hole. If he touches the hole in such circumstances, a breach of Rule 16-1a occurs.

(b) If the proper dimensions of the hole have been changed materially, the player should request the Committee to have the hole repaired. If a member of the Committee is not readily available, the player may repair the damage, without penalty.


If a player repairs a materially damaged hole when a member of the Committee is readily available, he incurs a penalty for a breach of Rule 16-1a.

Incidentally, to reach an extent of a ball being embedded on the lip of the hole makes me conclude that the speed at which the ball must have been travelling would not have seen it finish at rest in the hole.

I wish you all a winning 2017!

NOTE: The Author is an Apprentice Member of the Professional Golfers Association of South Africa and an R&A Level 2 Certified Rules Official

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