Be an elite performer


By Patrick Achitabwino:

In life you are an athlete in the sporting arena of success. It is competitive out there. Only the multi-talented and highly skilled will be rewarded for showcasing their greatness. It is no secret that elite performance is as a result of continued hard work; day and day elite performers work hard to be better than yesterday. In normal sense, they go an extra mile. Success is a result of continued effort, sacrifices and the willingness to never give up.

Be an elite performer in everything you do. When you are working hard on your competencies, the end result self-demonstrates at your workplace fully demonstrates – you easily rise of on the corporate ladder, you become the magnet that the corporate leaders cannot afford not to be attracted to. You are eventually entrusted with responsibilities that would not have been accorded to you. In general sense you have ultimate power which gives you the ability to produce the results you desire most as well as create value for others in the process. To borrow the words of Robin Sharma, you become a leader without a title.


When you are an elite performer you have a positive mentality; you concentrate on finding solutions to problems that rock your workplace or business. Elite performers appreciate that the environment they work in is tough hence they work hard to beat the harshest conditions in that environment. They utilised the prowess of their competencies to survive.

Of course when you are an elite performer in an organisation you also become a victim of your own success. Not everyone at your level or level below will applaud and cherish your performance. Not that they hate you but because you make the seemingly difficult tasks look simple. In general sense, your competence factors make others look incompetent. They will be holding silent meetings to pull you down, sarcastically giving you names and even coming up with other schools of thoughts meant to put spanners in the wheels of your progress.

When such moments come, do not despair. The successful generation is more criticised than the unsuccessful generation. You become the point of talk and backbiting because you are performing at the level that makes you more of a super being. People have no time to talk or rather discuss those below them most of the times; people will talk much about those that are above them because they want to showcase that in as much as they are portrayed as a success story, they also have dark spots that are hidden by their success.


It is not strange that very few will complement your success. Just take a look at what people post on social media. Most of the times, they will not be commending the success of others; they will be pointing out how others failed in their marriages, their companies, how their political careers have collapsed. Many times more than number, the less successful are the most critical of others. It is not that they are critical because one is wrong; it is because one is high flyer hence any misfortune to such a person is a story they have to amplify to console their disappointments and incompetency.

Elite performers have no time for energy drainers; it is like they live in their own environment. Even when colleagues are busy pulling them down; they are too busy working hard on strengthening their competencies. At the end of the day, they become irreplaceable to the extent that should they decide to leave, the market value of the organisation they work for can likely go down.

Aim to be an elite performer. All humans have the capacity to be elite performers. Just concentrate on that which you do best and become the best of the best in that. Look at the other elite performers in your organisation, take time to learn their dedication and lifestyles. Develop a liking for them so that they rub their mentality on you. Remember, you are the average of your best six friends. When you spend more time with elite and peak performers, you are likely to become one. If you decide to be friends with those that always complain of being marginalised and unappreciated, you will join that band and sing litanies of disappointment all day. You will only get comfort in tears while the elite performers will be chiselling the sculptors of their success.

The world has many breakthroughs to be made. There are any positions in the corporate or business world to be filled. It is only elite performance that will take you to that Promised Land.

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