Be incisive on your 2026 Vision


The country’s football governing body, Fam, needs to be incisive with its Vision 2026.

I read with keen interest the story that came out in our sister paper, The Daily Times, about Fam’s Vision 2026 campaign.

The association is putting in place strategies and tactics that will see the Flames qualify for that year’s World Cup finals.


Fam has planned to maintain the Under-17 National Football Team along with the Under-15 and Under-20 teams.

All the teams have been earmarked for overseas training camp and participation in continental and regional competitions. Though not well articulated, this sounds a good vision but implementation has always been a problem.

This strategy needs a multi-sectoral approach for it to materialise. Otherwise, we will be building castles in the air. Government, as the biggest financier of the Flames, need to play an integral part in this project.


It is sad and painful that a lot of money has been wasted on the senior national team, despite that it keeps on behaving like a circus. The authorities were so blindfolded to the extent that they forgot to invest in the nursery of Malawi football.

In fact, there is need for Fam to ensure that there are strong junior leagues, like the Under-17 and Under-20 which is sponsored by FMB Bank.

Much as we appreciate that Fam would be pumping in a lot of resources in developing the junior national teams, there is also need to ensure that the leagues are competitive, have sound infrastructure and well-trained coaches.

By well-trained coaches, I mean those who have mastered the basics of the beautiful game and not these drunk upstarts who masquerade as coaches.

By well-trained coaches, I mean those who can ably monitor the performance of their players and instill discipline in the team and not these quacks who lost their relevance to the game long time ago.

It is also high time Fam walked the talk. They promised to give MDC Ground to the Under-20 FMB League but nothing has materialised. The kids are still waiting the fulfilment for that promise with abated breath.

These kids need a proper playing environment for them to develop into assets.

Having come up with the Vision 2026, we anticipate Fam to come up with a coach who should instill a playing philosophy in our football and that takes time to achieve.

Appointing coaches on short-term basis is a recipe for disaster to the much touted vision.

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