Be the difference maker


By Patrick Achitabwino:

What is eating you? What is eating your soul? What is standing in between you and the attainment of your dreams? You have suffered enough pain on your path to the promised land. If you decide to give up now, all that pain will be in vain. The fact of the matter remains that all the pain endured was just a mere purification process. Pressure makes diamond. The wise go on to add that iron sharpens iron. To be a great success story you have to pass through the burning furnace of pain, rejection after rejection.

The pain that you are passing through is because you are deciding to be ordinary no more. The drive to make a difference is the one that sees you waking up early morning to study. It is the same urge that sees you on the road while everyone is slipping driving to markets to procure goods for sale. It is the same drive that sees you reading book after book learning leadership skills so that you turn around your failing organisation. To be a difference maker, you have to start walking on a different path, have different friends, choose to be challenged, accept to listen more and talk less, take the harshest criticism with humility and no anger and hatred. You are walking on a path that not many people walk through.


This word is cruel but it possess the same resources that we all have access to. The air remains the same. We live on the same land. The weather remains the same. The hours in a day remain the same. Yet within the very same parameters of life a few progress to become success stories as many wallow in the jaws of regret, failure, disbelief and disappointment. Those that make it great are not born in heaven, they have not been to schools specifically tailor-made for them. They have worked hard against all odds. When everybody was saying ‘no’, they never listened. They kept on moving forward. They realised that any failure was a lesson.

Actually, difference makers are born in a crisis. When all is perfect people are lost in the comfort zone, they challenge themselves no more. After all, they have everything and there is no inspiration to keep on pushing. If you are challenged financially today, living on a penny after penny with no seeming possibility of financial security, then you stand a better chance to become a millionaire. It is the pain of poverty that should inspire you to rise beyond the tattered shreds of life – that your life should no longer be lived on piece meals.

If you have seen people rising above you at your work place, become angry. Not angry with the organisation but angry with yourself. Look at what makes the other seen to be priviledged and almost favoured. If it is education then do it. If it is their conduct in meetings and contributions at discussions, learn from them and be their replacement. In that way you will become a difference maker.


The fact that other people have been difference makers is enough testimony to tell you therefore that you are another difference maker in the making. You will dribble more that Messi and Ronaldo have ever done. You will become a management guru beyond Peter Drucker. You have the magic hands that will be slam dunking more than Michael Jordan. Your philanthropy shall beat John Rockfeller. These people and many successful others are just the yardsticks on which you have to measure yourself. They never threw away the keys of success. They made themselves invisible in what they were good at. You are the next invisible in what you are good at. The price you have pay is the spirit never to give up coupled with the spirit never to be satisfied with what you have achieved. Keep on looking for more. Be hungry for more. Stretch your dreams beyond the horizon.

Life is a battle that takes no prisoners. Life is cruel and will beat the hell out of you just to make you better. Everything that you pass through, take it as an opportunity. Seek inspiration and motivation in all things that you admire. Listen attentively to those that look at the positives of life and challenge you to do better. Do not be lost in the company of friends that have no challenging dreams to conquer, they will make you average. Cling for the company of people that are invisible, whose touches are the touches of success. In that regard you will make a difference maker as they made themselves to be.

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