Beach Soccer ex-co underfire


By Bernard Mhone:

Beach Soccer Committee (BSC) has come under fire after its five affiliates called for its resignation.

The committee’s affiliates from Karonga, Chintheche, Nkhotakota, Central and Southern regions met in Mzuzu on Saturday where they called for the dissolution of BSC.


The committee is being accused of overstaying in office contrary to Article 7 of the body’s constitution.

The affiliates speaking through the group’s chairperson Wakisa Mwambetania, said they have given their mother body a seven-day ultimatum effective Saturday May 23, to step down or face unspecified action.

“The executive committee has overstayed in office. We have engaged them several times but nothing changes. We were expecting them to call for an elective annual general meeting but they are not doing so. They should pack and go or face unspecified action. We are the ones who make beach soccer association and we want it to be active,” Mwambetania said.


Nevertheless, the five affiliates felt beach soccer had been affected by both inactive committee and suspension of sporting activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

BSC vice-president, Gift Chimbalanga, who attended the meeting, promised to deliver the message to his colleagues.

“Their demands are genuine because we have been so passive, otherwise we would have called for an annual assembly,” Chimbalanga said.

However, in a separate interview, the association’s president, Kondwani Gondwe, trashed the accusations, saying they already had an elective meeting in 2018 and that the next one will take place in 2022.

“I already responded to them but they are being influenced by other external forces. We had an elective assembly in 2018 but they are not aware because most of them are new. The association will elect new office bearers in 2022,” Gondwe said.

Meanwhile, Football Association of Malawi General-Secretary Alfred Gunda said they are yet to receive the affiliates’ letter of demands which has been copied to the association.

He then said they cannot intervene since the issue is within the association which is guided by its constitution.

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