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Beatrice Kamwendo turns gospel

One of the few female instrumentalists in the country Beatrice Kamwendo has said that she has now turned to gospel music.

Beatrice who is a sister to gospel singer Ethel Kamwendo Banda has been missing on stage for some time.

She said in an interview on Wednesday that she took a break just to give herself a rest but it has turned out to be a long break.

Beatrice who among others plays drums, has in the past years been performing with Ben Mankhamba and Jenna Sisters.

But she has been missing during numerous shows that Mankhamba has held including the recent one during the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation’s Innovations Awards at College of Medicine Complex in Blantyre.

“I just took a normal break just to rest but then since then I have not been performing. The last time I performed was in 2013,”she said.

Her absence on stage forced some quarters to say she has stopped music but Beatrice said she was still active only that for now she has turned gospel.

“I am now in gospel, I want to sing for the Lord and for now I am performing in the praise team at Nkolokoti Livingwaters Church,”she said.

She also revealed that she has songs which she would like to record but she has no money to go to the studio.

During the time she was performing with Mankhamba, Beatrice also used to play backing vocals for her sister Ethel during her gospel performances.

Her sister Ethel also moved from secular to gospel where she has done well and produced several albums.

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