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By Patrick Achitabwino:

Humans crave for success. It is success that sets us apart from all others. Successful people are the referral point in everything. It is not strange therefore that humans crave for success above everything else. In that regard people set goals to achieve in a desperate attempt to reach the mountain top of success. Wishing and setting goals alone is not enough if you are to reach the mountain top of success and become a king. Many fall down while clambering through the valleys and the sharp rocks. The determined ones wake up and start again till only a few wear the mantle of kings atop the mountain.


It must be realised that success is not an end in itself. When you are successful you embark on the battle to safeguard that success. You should never forget that the world has many able competitors that are working hard to attain and even surpass the success that you have attained. Guinness records are broken many a times without number. While you set the bar, there will be others working hard to beat the bar and set theirs. Life will have no mercy on you as long as you are contented with success.

Do you dream to be a king in your field of specialisation? To be the medical doctor the world has ever seen? A sorting icon whose name will reverberate in the minds of others? A corporate icon whose leadership values and attributes will be irreplaceable? What king do you dream to be? The fact of the matter is that it is possible only when you are determined against all odds to reach the top. To be a king you have to undergo through the process that makes kings.

The exciting story telling Bhuvnesh Swami highlights the amazing story of the jungle king – the lion. He brings to our attention the fact that we all call the lion the jungle of the king. He goes ahead to state that such is not true. Not every lion becomes a king. Most cubs are killed by intruder lions or a new lion in the group. The misery does not end there, a few cubs that survive end up killed by diseases, eaten up by other beasts or get kicked out of the family by the alpha male. Only the powerful and healthy lions survive till the end.


The making of the king sees a surviving few lions winning a pride through battles of takeover that are brutal. Only then can they become kings. But that is where the real struggle begins. Intruder lions keep attacking him.

He has to fight everyday to protect the group. The bottom of the story of the jungle king is that to live the life of a lion you must understand that life is very hard and you must fight to survive. The brutal reality of life is that there is always somebody who is unapologetically determined to be your replacement. If you are a corporate CEO, there is another maverick born somewhere whose success will only be registered when he steers his organisation into a giant that will dwarf yours. When you are a sporting icon there is somewhere racing somewhere to overtake you. Rising to the pinnacle is no licence for mediocrity and comfort zone philosophy. It is not strange therefore that once admired corporate entities have now been quarantined into the dustbin of corporate dinosaurs. Mavericks rose and outshined then.

We are in the world that is brutal, that is fiercely competitive. We are in a dog eat dog world where the future belongs to those that are hungry for success; that are hustling to survive; that are ready to walk through hell in a pursuit for success. Success is not cheap and will never be. Success will never be the end of the journey but the beginning of the battle to remain afloat.

It is good to be a king and indeed a king you will become only on condition that you are self-disciplined, that you follow your way and recognise that you will meet obstacles. The greatest comfort you can have is that man has the ability to rise beyond obstacles.

Dwayne Johnson was right, it starts with you. Start your journey now to the mountaintop and become a king. Be determined to win no matter what season you are in. Remember, your idea will not execute itself, you are the one to execute it. Travel the path of kings and you will become a king

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