Beggars’ inspiration


In life, we are super-talented; we are super-intelligent. We have in us the ability and drive to succeed in life more than we can imagine and comprehend. But, surely, what is the Berlin War to our success, to the very life of our dreams? Nothing, and surely nothing, beats our misallocation of the energy which is the driving ability of our ambitions, talents, intelligence and all ingredients of success.

Take time to follow the life of beggars. It may never have occurred to you that they are the most hardworking people in the world. Before you wake up to have a bath, say, for the office at 7:30am, they are already in town. By the time you are parking your vehicle, they have already stormed your vehicle, begging from you.

Take a look at them over lunch hour; the positioning change. They will dominate all corridors and avenues to restaurants. They strategically position themselves. They surely know where their suppliers of necessities will be. They are even the most wonderful marketers the world has ever seen. They are well aware that you will be hostile to adults, so it is the juvenile beggars that approach you. Their financial management is supreme; any coin the young ones receive gets handed over to the parents.


When you knock off at 4:30pm or 5:00pm, they are still there on the street, changing positions to car parks and minibus depots. And when the city is heading towards silence, they are at the doorsteps of popular restaurants and bottle stores. If KFC closes at 10pm, they will be at its doorstep up to that time. They do not have cars to drive them home but they make it home or even sleep on streets. Come early morning, they are the first ones in town, despite having knocked off late.

Another trait about them is resilience. They can follow your vehicle for a few metres, begging from you. They always have the belief that you are the one. High above all, they have good segmentation processes. They are acquainted with people that easily give out money. A group of them can walk away from you just to follow one person. Beggars are the best profilers of people.

But the bottom line is that they misallocate their energy and knowledge to wrong causes. Their natural-born and street-shaped marketing instincts could prove vital if they were in proper businesses. Their resilience could be a plus in terms of perseverance to secure deals on the market. Their ability to be first ones on the street could make them the first suppliers of products and services to different markets. Their spirit to stay on long at night could be the drive that could see them carrying on their businesses after all others have closed shops. What keeps them in the gallows of poverty is that they do not appreciate their hardworking spirit and transform it to a conventional type of life that could be highly productive.


Most of us are no exception from beggars. We work very hard on Facebook, commenting on almost each and every post. We are very active and very busy on WhatsApp day and night and we wonder that we do not achieve in life. It is all that simple – we are allocating a lot of energy to faculties of life that are not productive. We spend hours and hours following irrelevant posts on Facebook instead of doing business on the very same Facebook. Your list of friends is a potential market for any products and services you can provide. Instead of reading books and listening to audio books that could stimulate your mind, you are spending long hours at night watching Indian films, memorising the names of all the actors and narrating all the stories. What you do not understand is that what you are watching is somebody’s business. Somebody in India invested his time and energy in producing a film. When you are watching it, it means that you are a money factory to that person. Put your energy into faculties that will reward you and ignite your success.

What meetings do you attend? What stories do you talk about? Do you discuss the success stories of entrepreneurs or you waste time on backbiting? While you put in a lot of time in that unnecessary exercise of backbiting, your friends are using their words to attract customers to their products and services, they are convincing potential customers of the best they can provide and they are recommending to their bosses the strategic decisions their organisations must carry if their companies survive on the turbulent market.

Take the dosage of the beggars’ hardworking spirit and, to it, add your talent and intelligence; then, you have found the success formula. Allocate your energy and time to worthy causes.

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