Begin with yourself


Humanity is obsessed with greatness. We all believe that we can do better. But those that have done better have been beneficiaries of doing the impossible, upsetting tables, implementing crazy ideas that made a difference. It was madness to think that people can talk on phones without wires until when it happened. It was madness to think that there could be an electric bulb. All inventions we cherish today were a result of madness and craziness. If we are to achieve greatness, we have to be mad and crazy in our thinking. We have to tear ourselves from ordinary thinking and start doing the impossible, the crazy, the mad. Often, we fail to take the road not taken because we crave the comfort zone.

Osho was right, the mind is a coward, for those who listen to it become utterly cowardly. The mind is not an adventurer, it is very cautious. It takes every step with thinking and calculation until it is certain there is no risk, until it has seen others taking the risk, until it has seen others taking the step and there has been no danger. Hence, listening to the mind is the most disturbing phenomenon of growth.

Whenever everything is going well, the mind comes in and says ‘watch out!’ Because you listen to the mind’s fears, you stop living. The mind would keep you always the same, never taking risks. Newness is an enemy to the mind, sameness is its friend.


M o v e out of the ordinary, familiar situations and environment. Start doing things differently and you will achieve greatness. It is imperative to note that nothing will happen to your ideas unless you take action. Why is it that other people become successful and you are not? The reason is very simple; you only dream, you do not turn your dreams into action. Change your behavioural DNA so that you are action- oriented. Take risks and challenge the impossible.

Take time to realise, as Alan Axelrod argues, that a single person can bring change, that change – even the greatest change – begins with a single person, and that the change begins the moment that person begins it. If you mean to make a difference in the world, your company or your life, you cannot wait for others to begin the change. You cannot wait even for your own changes to become widespread, let alone universal. Begin the project, no matter how ambitious, yourself. Begin now.

It is important to realise that in moving forward in pursuit of your dreams, you have to realise that time is the most precious commodity. Any time you spend can add value to your dream or take you away from it. How you spend your time, therefore, matters. It is an indisputable fact that while business professionals are accustomed to accounting for and auditing the expenditure of money, even more care should be devoted to tracking time. Time is entirely non-renewable, and whether spent, invested, or simply lost, it is consumed. There is at least a chance of recovering money that has been misspent or lost, but time lost is forever, and irrecoverable loss is the very essence of tragedy.


Move forward, be the Thomson Mpinganjira of your dreams – no matter how many times your dream will be rejected by others, the same way he faced challenges in securing a banking licence, soldier on until you realise the dream. Be the Scader Louis of your dreams – learn to move out of the ashes of disappointment, broken-heartedness and hopelessness to challenge all odds till you realise the dream of your choice. Add a dose of Dr. Thomas Edison to your dream – keep on believing that you will discover the electric bulb. Let your dream be the electric bulb you have been dreaming of. Barack -Obama your vision – dare to become the first in realising your dream and indeed, tell yourself ‘yes I can’. Mother- Theresa your dreams – no matter how simple you are, your ideas and dreams and beliefs can move the world.

The choice to become a success or failure is in your hands. Success and failure are like two sides of the same hands. The choice is yours. Begin with yourself, then all the success will follow.

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