Believe you can: add the action dosage


Belief is the drive that pushes us forward. Belief is the light that chases away the darkness of fear, doubt and disbelief in our dreams. Belief is the catalyst that transforms our negatives into positives. But, to be effective, belief has a Siamese twin and that is action. Whatever you believe in cannot be achieved if you do not take action.

Bill Gold was absolutely right, you were born to win but, to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win. It is not a hidden fact that life has a lot to offer to those who dare to follow their dreams, who dare to take the future into their own hands, who dare to step over their failures and reach for victory.

Any superstar that marvels us today believed in what he or she could do and invested a lot of time in training to become the best. Sir Thomas Edison failed 9999 times to come up with the light bulb only to succeed at the 10000th time. If he had not turned his belief into action, possibly we should have been using kerosene lamps up to now. Bill Gates believed in computers transforming the corporate and personal lives, he went on programming and now he is the richest person on earth.


And when you are injecting the dosage of action in your belief factor, hold the biggest vision possible for your life and it can come true. Marc Eisenson in the book Six secrets to a rich life eloquently gives a practical example of the power of holding the biggest vision possible.

It is well stated in the book that in her commencement speech to the 1997 graduating class of Wellesley College, Oprah Winfrey told the story of her ‘wildest dreams’ show, where she asked women to share their wildest dreams so she could fulfill some of them. One woman got to ride a camel in Egypt. Another asked for and got a house. A third dreamer had her college debt paid off. Many other women had a simpler dream – they just wanted to meet Oprah.

The story goes on to explain that those women who just wanted to meet Oprah and got their wish were upset when they found out what Oprah had done to others. As she said in her speech, “….some of them afterwards were crying to me, saying that we didn’t know; we didn’t know and this is unfair! And I said, ‘that is the lesson: you needed to dream a bigger dream for yourself’.”


The words of wisdom say: shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars. The bottom line is shoot as you have already believed that your arrow can reach the moon. Remember that an AK 47 rifle, with all the fear it brings in people, cannot fire let alone kill if no one pulls its trigger. We all believe an AK 47 is a death sentence but it is only when action is ignited on its trigger that its real characters can be visible.

But taking action comes at a cost, it entails that you change the way you do things, you start investing your time and money in the idea you believe in. This swings you into the uncomfortable zone. But it is necessary to do that. To get what you want in life, you have to let go of things you do not want, even though you may have invested a lot of time and money in them along the way. While this is difficult, the benefits will make it worth the effort.

People will laugh at you as you begin to change. If your dream still remains a mere dream it is all just because you are not taking the action to change your lifestyle. It takes courage to change, teaches Marc Eisenson again, as it often arouses conflicts with the ones we love.

Act now, act now, act now, you need to act because your dreams are not far away; they are only a few steps ahead, waiting for you. If David had not challenged Goliath he could not have been a revered hero among the Israelis. If Fidel Castro had underestimated his less than two scores army and fought on he could not have overthrown Batista in Cuba. If William Kamkwamba had not built a windmill from rudimentary products, his name would have died in limbo. If Michael Jordan had not tried the many slum dunks, he could not have been the best basketball star the world has ever had. Even though with a hoarse voice, Tracy Chapman went on singing and mesmerised the world.

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