Believe you can


There is only one life and this entails, therefore, that seizing all opportunities available within one’s lifetime is a noble task as after this life, there is no second chance. The time to be successful is now. Writing in Great Motivation Secrets of Great Leaders, John Baldoni bares it all: “There is an innate desire to succeed in all of us.”

But there is a secret to success. And it answers to one word – believe. Believe you can and you will make it. Barack Obama electrified the American society with his slogan ‘yes, we can’. The core reason others always see success slipping through their fingers like soap bubbles is all because they hardly believe in themselves and their ideas; they miss the ‘belief’ factor in the script of success. We do not succeed when we long lost dreaming and end up dressing in the borrowed dreams of others.

Every amazing thing that we see and every success story people talk about is all a result of somebody’s belief in himself or herself. Andrew Carnegie believed steel would change the world and that saw the emergence of skyscrapers. The Wright Brothers believed they could create a big flying bird then no wonder they made the airplane. John F Kennedy believed it was possible to put a person on the moon and it is not surprising that later Neil Armstrong stepped his foot on the moon. JP Morgan believed that Thomas Edison’s idea of electricity could revolutionise the world and indeed electricity replaced kerosene lamps as a source of energy and light.


The world today is a beneficiary of many beliefs of other people. History of achievers tells us that your background matters nothing, your academic u n d e r a c h i e v e m e n t matters nothing, failures of the past are no yardstick for measuring your future success, what you believe in is all that matters. Ideas believed in and put into action change the world.

A b o y f r o m a n impover ished rur a l area in Neno walked on foot to Blantyre and now he is a billionaire owning Countrywide Car Hire – Mike Mlombwa. He was once dismissed from his job and once survived on writing short stories and is now a billionaire business tycoon – Jimmy Koreia- Mpatsa. He was born from a very humble beginning and achieved what many thought impossible, owning a bank – Dr Thomson Mpinganjira. A Form Two dropout started a business with K77 and built a business empire and became a renowned philanthropist – Napoleon Dzombe. Malawi has more profess i o n a l s and business giants whose backgrounds defy all odds.

On the world stage, there is no shortage of examples that signify the impact of belief. Defeated eight times in elections, Abraham Lincoln went on to become America’s greatest president. A man who led an army of peasants, Mao, built a strong Chinese nation. The seventh child of a poor American couple, Michael Jackson, became the superstar of the millennium.


The litany of names of those that believed and made it can hardly be exhausted. A boy from the slum, Pele, became the king of football. A woman who worked in cafes, J.K. Rowling, wrote the famous Harry Potter. A common man, Mahatma Gandhi, became the father of India. A nurse inspired the idea of the Red Cross – Florence Nightingale. A nun became a mother to all – Mother Theresa. A cancer survivor became a cycling champion – Lance Armstrong. A neglected child became a television icon – Oprah Wi n f r e y. A computer programmer became the richest man on earth – Bill Gates. A tribal boy became a national hero – Nelson Mandela. A slave became a legend – Spartacus.

They were all just someone until they believed. They were simple humans as we are, with many imperfections and failed many times as well as we all do. They dared to chase what they believed in and that made a difference.

What are you wai t ing for? You are the next big story the world has ever had. You have the ideas and the momentum that can change the world. You are the next biggest entrepreneur Malawi has ever had, the next Bill Gates, the next Warren Buffet, the next Aliko Dangote, the next Simbi Phiri, the next Bingu wa Mutharika, the next Neil Armstrong, the next Nick Vujicic. You do not know what you can achieve until you try. Believe in your idea and try to put them into action, then the world will marvel at you. Just believe you can.

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