Ben Mankhamba drops gospel track


Renowned musician, Ben Mankhamba, who is now Village Headman Chingalire in Lilongwe, has released a gospel song titled ‘If This is The way’.

Mankhamba, famed for songs such as ‘Kamba Anga Mwala’ has been out of the limelight for some time.

He said yesterday that he was happy to release what he described as a ‘proper gospel’ song.


“Actually the song just came up. This other day I was just playing with a guitar and an idea just came in form of gospel lyrics,” Mankhamba said.

He said the track has been recorded at Music Lab in Blantyre by Anko Layi.

“I actually have put it on Facebook that whoever wants it should listen to the song. This is a proper gospel song I have recorded although in the past I have also done gospel songs,” the former Acacias Band member said.


The track has, however, prompted some quarters to start speculating that Mankhamba has turned gospel.

“I am a Catholic and was baptised at a very young age and I am a Christian so there is nothing like being born again,” he said.

Recently, the musician came out to say that he was frustrated and disappointed with lack of support.

The country has failed to appreciate Mankhamba’s music. No wonder, he stopped releasing albums and concentrates on singles and live performances.

Today, the artist, who has been in the industry for years, has lots of singles with a few albums.

His albums have simply not sold. Not that the albums are not good but his music is just too good to be appreciated by a nation that does not value quality.

“It seems people like the song and let me say that I am open to working with gospel artists in their concerts. As artists we need to work together and remove the boundary of whether others fall into secular and gospel,” the singer and guitarist said.

He added:“Those who want, we can work together as we spread the message. We need to work together just as they do outside the country.”

Mankhamba said he does not have plans to release a gospel album for now.

“‘If this is my way’, it’s a track which has just come but you never know maybe something might happen,” he said.

Mankhamba said some people were already misinterpreting the message in the song.

“I want people to listen to the song attentively. Some are already saying I am prophesying my death but I would draw them to the second verse. What I am saying is that there are things I do in secular but people can’t see. In most cases, we are too judgemental; but there are brighter and positive things in secular music only that we look the other way,” he said.

Mankhamba said the gospel track is one of the surprises of 2018 and that people should just watch the space.

“ In 2018, these are some of the surprises, I am looking forward to doing a music video of the song maybe with Ndirande Anglican Voices or The Great Angels Choir,” he said.

The guitarist, said so far, he has managed to send the song to more than 300 people.

“Actually those who have got the song are being asked to share it. I have also sent it to radio stations and all I want is for people to know it before I go on stage and I am ready to go on stage with it,” Mankhamba said.

The musician said he has the experience with live performances.

“I don’t need more songs. Only one song I can manage to offer a 45 minute set with the same song performed using different styles and I will make sure I come with a bang. On top of that I am experienced,” the award-winning musician said.

Meanwhile, people have also been requesting some of Mankhamba’s old songs which he is selling using technological platforms.

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