Ben Mankhamba, Patience Namadingo blast Escom


Persistent blackouts have become the order of the day. Those who rely on electricity to conduct various businesses have either been thrown out of business or been forced to find other means of staying afloat.

One minute lights are on and before you know it darkness is all over. The blackouts have affected almost anyone including artists such as Ben Michael Mankhamba, Piksy and Patience Namadingo.

In an interview with The Daily Times, Piksy, real name Evans Zangazanga, said he failed to release the videos of his two new singles, Kameneka and Ndikungo the same day he released the audio versions because of blackouts.


“The videos of the songs were supposed to come out the same day the audios were released but that was not the case as blackouts prevented the producer from editing the videos. He failed to edit them before the scheduled release date,” he said.

And in his new single, Ben Michael Mankhamba seems to be angered by Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi’s (Escom) load-shedding behaviour. verse one of the song goes thus:

Uyo ndindani akuthabwanya makina amagetsi?


[Who is the one switching off the lights]

Ayi wanyanya

[It’s too much]

Dzulo sanayatse, leronso sanayatse

[He didn’t switch on yesterday and today as well]

Mmawa zokaikitsa

[I cannot bank on them tomorrow]

Nanga ndindani akuzenga mulandu ya corruption

[Who is giving out judgement to corruption cases]


[Investigate him]

N’chimodzimodzi kutenga moto wamagetsi uzimitse wamakala

[It’s akin to using hydro-powered electricity to switch off burning charcoal]

In an interview with The Daily Times, Mankhamba said he wrote the song because power outages have become a national problem.

“Everyone is talking about the persistent blackouts and, as a musician, I thought of coming up with a song to address the issues,” he said.

One can easily tell from the voice of Mankhamba that the persona has had enough. And despite different attempts to provoke Escom into action, it seems like Escom is in deep slumber.

Two months ago, gospel artist Patience Namadingo took to Facebook to express his anger over persistent blackouts.

Like Mankhamba, Namadingo demands to know who switches off power in the highly charged video.

He even fears for the life of the “heartless” individual who reveres in leaving people in the dark for hours on end.

Escom is facing difficulties in supplying power to homes, offices and where so ever we need electricity.

Akazamngodziwa dzina yemwe amazimitsa magetsi

[When consumers discover the identity of the one who presses the black-out button at Escom]

Kungomudziwa nkhope kudzavuta

[When his identity is uncovered all hell will break loose]

Kungommudziwa yemwe amadina/Yemwe amadina

[When the identity is known]

Yemwe amadina batani lozimitsira magetsi

[The one who presses the off-button]

Iiiiiii kudzavuta, oooh kudzaterera

[Kuti mwina nayenso adzamdina anthu

[Maybe he will also be switched off]

Iii adzamzimitsa mwina

[Maybe he will be switched off]

Atopa anthu atopa chonde tisinthe ayi

[People are tired]

Olo kuti ndijambure ka video ka ndachita kutuluka mnyumba

[Even for me to shoot this video I had to go outside]

Poti mulibe kuunika mnyumba

[There are no lights inside]

Iiiii zizavuta

[It will be hard].

The musicians have spoken but it is doubtful whether the utility power supplier, which may presumably be sleeping, may wake up any time soon!

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