Benita Africa Exhibition Wednesday


Visual artists have a chance to shine and showcase their artworks during the Benita Africa Exhibition to be held on Wednesday in Lilongwe.

With visual artists lacking platforms to display their works, former Visual Arts Association of Malawi (Vaam) president Chrisford Chayera said the Benita Africa Exhibition was a platform for them to interact with their colleagues, share ideas but also get to make money.

Now working with Benita which is a charitable Christian organisation, Chayera said through the exhibition, they want to help uplift visual arts in the country.


“Through this platform, we would like to create a permanent market for all visual artists in the country and we invite all the visual artists to come and be part of this exhibition,” Chayera said.

He said that the main objective of Benita is to equip people in so many ways both physical and spiritual regardless of race, colour and religion.

The exhibition comes barely three months after Benita also hosted another art exhibition.


“The exhibition we had three months ago was very successful and we had so many visual artists. Many sold their works but this time around this exhibition is targeting the missionaries who are coming,” he said.

Chayera, who has been in the world of visual arts for years and has also stunned people with his talent and yet he is physically challenged said they are expecting to have more than 17 missionaries.

“As Benita we want to work hand in hand with Vaam so as to hold more exhibitions and give visual artists a platform. Many of the visual artists do not have such platforms and for them to come out they have to wait for festivals and in some cases they are not included,” Chayera said.

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