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Billy as he pleases: Part 2

Now, I can say that, apart from Nkutha, the other songs I used to listen to were those of Charles Sinetre, Paul Banda, among others.

And then Billy Kaunda [I said, last time, that there is no short form for Billy Kaunda. I can’t say Billy, or simply Kaunda. Billy Kaunda is Billy Kaunda!] came onto the scene. The way he sang, I thought he would convince even the most reluctant person to do his bidding. You know how Billy Kaunda was ‘tortured’ when he released the song ‘Agalatiya’ in the 2000s.

But Billy Kaunda was not one to be cowed into submission.

That is what made me reaffirm my conviction that Billy Kaunda would make dance even the hardest of a heart. If Billy Kaunda were Moses, he would have convinced the hard nut-to-crack that was Pharaoh to “let my people go!”

But I was afraid that Billy Kaunda would lose his music mettle once he went to Parliament, as legislator, twice. At first, he went as one of Blantyre’s legislators. The second time he went to Parliament, he was representing a constituency in Mzimba District.

Now, I have always felt that some of the rules imposed on our legislators are oppressive. Yes, oppressive!

Look, legislators are old people, of a voting age, who should not be forced to wear what they do not want. But that leeway is not there in our Parliament.

I remember that, some other day, one male legislator wore a suit which colour was no different from that of a sunflower. He was thrown out of the Chamber on account that the suit was too shiny.

So, against such a background, I hoped that Billy Kaunda, being the fighter he is, would fight against these rules.


Even himself was forced to conform to the artificial demands of Parliament.

Now, when Billy Kaunda was ejected from Parliament, this time through a window called ‘the ballot’, many a people thought he was bitter.

Far from it, if one takes into consideration his positive mood on stage since being ejected from the ‘oppressive’ chamber.

Billy Kaunda can, as in his youth, wear whatever he wants.

The other day, the colour of his stage attire was neither red nor pink. It was a colour only the Speaker of Parliament can make heads or tails of. It is freedom at last.

And, ah, before I forget. He can dance the way he wants on stage, without looking over his shoulder to check if, just in case, the Speaker of Parliament is looking at him. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Freedom at its best. Respite for Billy Kaunda. We have our Billy Kaunda back!

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