Black Missionaries leave for South Africa


After entertaining Blantyre fans with songs from their Kuimba albums during the launch of Toza Matafale’s album and Evison Matafale memorial show last weekend, reggae group Black Missionaries left the country for South Africa on Tuesday.

The group will hold several shows in the Rainbow nation before returning home mid-December.

Black’s lead vocalist, Anjiru Fumulani, said the performances in South Africa will give them a chance to perform before a different audience.


“We have had performances in South Africa but this is another special outing because we will perform in other places such as Pretoria and we will also travel as far as Cape Town before returning home,” Anjiru said.

He also said that the performances in South Africa will give them a chance to interact with foreign artists.

“As a group, we are always looking for opportunities to perform in other countries so as to fly the country’s flag high. We also promote our music. We hope this tour will give us a chance to network with promoters as well hold for more shows,” he said.


Anjiru said their performances are always attended by people from different countries and that it was even better this time as people gear up for the festive season.

Several Malawian artists have been performances in South Africa. In most cases, Malawian promoters who are based in the Rainbow nation initiate the deals.

Balaka-based musician, Lucius Banda, recently visited South Africa where he performed.

Other artists who recently visited South Africa for performances include Katelele Ching’oma and Moses Makawa.

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