Black Syndicate comes of age


Ndirande based group Black Syndicate has been out of the picture of late with some of its members engaging in other activities.

But the group is now back in its fold and is currently working on its new album.

Black Syndicate which started in 2007 has members Dominic Chaula, Herbert Dauya, Chisomo Dauya, Amin Chindewu, Jones Supada, Adrian Matewere, Kondwani Chapalapatsa, Lil Chambiko and Chris Kamangoni.


Chindewu said they are ready to give Malawians the best and they are currently in the studio recording their new album titled Liberation.

“We are recording this album in different studios because we want it to have different tastes. We usually perform reggae music because this is one of the popular genres,” said Supada.

And the group now has its own equipment.


“We are happy that we now have our own equipment which was bought by our manager Mr Mkandawire. We are thankful to him. The biggest challenge facing artists in the country is equipment. Many cannot afford and as a result they have to hire,” said Supada.

The group started when different artists playing different instruments used to meet and perform. They later decided to form a band.

“We are all coming from families which have grown up loving reggae music. This is why we have embrace the reggae genre,” said Chindewu.

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