Blacks drop 2 music videos


As they prepare to launch their Kuimba 11 album later this month, reggae group Black Missionaries has released two music videos – ‘Special Lover’ and ‘Gombe La Nyanja’.

The two tracks are part of the songs in the latest album.

‘Special Lover’ was part of the four promotional songs which were released on April 20 2018 alongside ‘Zofuna Mtima Wanga’, ‘Umboni’ and ‘Mbusa’.


‘Gombe La Nyanja’ is new to the audience but for those who have been patronising some of their gigs, the group has been performing it in a free style and has thus made it to the Kuimba 11 collection.

Blacks’ lead vocalist, Anjiru Fumulani, said on Monday they were excited to hype the launch of Kuimba 11 with the release of the two music videos.

“We are just fulfilling the promise we made to the fans that we would release two music videos. Actually we have delayed because we indicated we would release them the same time we were dropping the four promotional songs,” Anjiru said.


He said they faced other challenges beyond their control; hence, they failed to do so.

“But despite the delay, we are happy we have fulfilled this promise. ‘Special Lover’ is not new because it was part of the four promotional songs but ‘Gombe La Nyanja’ is new. Let people enjoy the two music videos and also the message in the songs,” Anjiru said.

In this technological age, things have improved as regards music videos which have quality and it is the same with the two music videos which have been done by award-winning producer Sukez.

Sukez has taken the music industry by storm and has won the hearts of many people with his videos; hence, Black Missionaries utilising his signature.

“We are happy with the outcome of the music videos and Sukez did a very good job. We hope people will love them too,” he said.

‘Special Lover’ is an English romantic track where keyboardist Chizondi Fumulani has once again come out to lead with his hoarse voice just like he managed proceedings in ‘Mr Bossman’ off Kuimba 10.

“I owe this to the team for entrusting me with the task in some of the songs in Kuimba 11. There is still room for improvement but I am enjoying this and I would like to thank people for the support they give us and most importantly to God for the talent,” Chizondi said.

Bassist Peter Amidu said the music videos have come at the right time as they gear for the launch in three cities.

“We are ready with Kuimba 11 and all what I ask fans is to listen to the message and we thank God that the mission continues,” Amidu said.

He then hailed Team Entertainers for taking up the task of organising the Kuimba 11 launch.

Kuimba 11 will be launched on June 29 at Robin’s Park in Blantyre, Lilongwe Golf Club on July 1 and then Squirrels Park in Mzuzu on July 28.

“We have three main shows that will mark the launch of Kuimba 11 but then we will also hold other shows in different places so that everyone enjoys the album,” Anjiru said.

Black Missionaries has received criticism from some quarters since they released four promotional songs, with others saying the songs were substandard.

But while welcoming constructive criticism, Anjiru said they are hopeful the album will do well.

He said the album carries the message of love, peace and harmony, giving hope to mankind.

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