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Blantyre actors team up

By Sam Banda Jnr:

Mphundu Mjumira (right)

Blantyre-based actors such as Mphundu Mjumira, Dipolathu Katimba, Thlupego Chisiza, Robert Magasa and Blessings Suya have teamed up to create a play that is set to be premiered on February 14 2019 at Blantyre Cultural Centre.

The play was created by Mjumira but written by Thlupego and directed by Dipolathu and Magasa.

Mjumira said on Friday they have been working on the play for some time

“Of course before premiering, we will have a session where we will invite some critics just to help us polish the play before we finally premiere it. We want to take this play very far and we are even targeting touring with it in Europe”.

“I am very optimistic that people will love this play because it is a fusion of theatre, poetry, dance and music. So we will also have other acts such as Yankho Seunda, who is doing poetry and then Ben Mankhamba who is breathing in music,” Mjumira said.

He said they were taking the play seriously and that they would want to show theatre lovers that theatre is still there.

“Last year, we did not do enough but this year we are on the move. What we want to do is to be coming out with a new production every three months. So we have started the game and we are not looking back,” Mjumira said.

With enough experience having starred in several productions but also played a leading role in Theater Konstanz of Germany’s play Fear Eats the Soul, Mjumira said people need to come out and support their project.

“We will also be staging the play at Chingalire in Lilongwe where Ben Mankhamba has developed a nice place and the idea is to reach out to people in the rural area,” he said.

Dipolathu said the play looks at several issues with a focus on change.

“Just by sampling it, some might think it’s a political play but we are just trying to speak on issues affecting the country. We are getting closer to the elections where we will be electing leaders but nothing will change if we do not change ourselves so change begins with us. We need to change in our homes and workplaces among others,” she said.

The veteran actress, who has starred in several productions, also called for support from players, saying their aim is to lift drama in English and put it back to where it belongs.

“A lot has been said of drama being dead but we want to show that drama is still there. All what we need is support. We are trying hard to source funds so that we tour with the play,” she said.

Actors who are part of the performance include Tendai Scanda and Deborah Tandani.

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