Blantyre Water Board spends K950 million on prepaid meters


Blantyre Water Board (BWB) has spent K950 million for the first batch of 5,000 prepaid meters, Business Times has learnt.

So far, BWB has installed about 600 prepaid meters in Soche East and Nkolokosa.

This follows the start of the project in April 2017 to replace all post-paid meters with prepaid metering system in Soche East, Nkolokosa A and B, Chitawira, New Naperi, Chinyonga, Kanjedza, Mudi Estate and Chiwembe.


Chief Executive Officer, Henry Bakuwa, confirmed the development in a written response to a questionnaire, further saying implementation of the prepaid metering system started in Soche East and currently BWB is completing installation of the prepaid meters in Nkolokosa A and B.

“So far, 600 prepaid meters have been installed in Soche East and Nkolokosa since the project started in April 2017. This is an ongoing project and all areas mentioned above will have their prepaid metering system installed by August 30 2017,” Bakuwa said.

He said installation of the prepaid meters will help customers to plan and budget accordingly on their water consumption.


“With regard to the purchase of the water credit, the board advises all its new prepaid metering customers that the point of purchase for credit will remain Soche Service Centre at Soche East Mall at Kudya,” Bakuwa said.

He added that BWB will also benefit since the meters will assist in reducing non-revenue water as well as improvement in revenue collection.

“In the event that water credit runs out during the night, weekend or public holidays, the prepaid meters will give a chance to customers to get an overdraft. This saves customers from unnecessary panic,” he said.

He said BWB will be moving to Chitawira this week to start installing more prepaid meters.

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