BMG features on Times Radio


Times Radio’s Blak Jak will host Bossaro Music Group (BMG) in his Zathu Zomwe programme that will be aired live Friday afternoon from 4.30 pm.

Blak Jak said the programme aims at bringing the artists closer to their fans.

“It is an opportunity for the artists to get connected with the audience. The listeners ask some questions which the artists respond to,” he said.


The host said apart from responding to the listeners’ questions, there is a live studio performance.

“The performance is raw as it is. The artists have to prove their mettle and give a different feel of how they record music in the studio,” he said.

Blak Jak also said the programme will soon be televised to give Times TV viewers the opportunity to see live performances.


BMG consists of two artists Patali Mkorongo, well known as Cyclone, and Dalitso Mtambo aka Iceberg.

Cyclone said the listeners will have the chance to know what BMG is all about.

“We are not new in the industry. We have been around for sometime but we are just trying to focus on something big. We have the plans for the future and we intend to add value to the industry,” he said.

BMG aims at entertaining, raising awareness and empowering the youth through music.

“Quality is the major key in our business. We strive for greatness. We believe every individual has a skill that just needs to be unleashed and polished so we aim to assist in every aspect,” Cyclone said.

Some of the artists who have featured in the programme Zathu Zomwe are Fredokiss, Classmates, Saint, Tuno and Pinky Ice.

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