Board to decide on Salimu Chazama


Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board (MPBCB) will decide on boxer Salimu Chazama, who defied the board by fighting against Raston Kayira at M1 Centre Point in Lilongwe on Sunday.

There were doubts over the non-title fight after the board put its foot down that Chazama, who took on Allan Kamote in Tanzania the previous week, needed at least a two-week break.

The board’s President, Lonzoe Zimba, yesterday said they would meet within two weeks to sort out the issue. He earlier, hinted that Chazama risked a three-month ban.


“A lot has been said about the fight and it is not a decision I can make on my own. I need the input of fellow members. However, I will stress that we need to guide our boxers and we should always guarantee their safety by not exposing them to hazardous schedule,” he said.

Zimba said, initially, the promoter [Ngwenyama] was ready to replace Chazama with Charles Misanjo who was on stand-bye.

“However, the promoter and Chazama went ahead with the fight due to pressure from fans. We need to dig deeper and take necessary action especially against Chazama,” he said.


Chazama’s bout in Tanzania ended in a draw while his compatriot, Osgood Kayuni, lost to Ramadan Shauri in the same neighbouring country.

On Sunday, despite the board’s warning, Chazama fought and knocked out Kayira in the fourth-round.

It later transpired that other MPBCB members cleared Chazama to fight. Ngwenyama Boxing Promotions has since said they were the first to sign a contract with Chazama before he left for Tanzania.

Apparently, Chazama’s management team, led by Steve Mawenzi Msiska, said it was not the duty of the board to determine when to fight.

“The management team of the boxer has to decide how much, when and where the boxer is going to fight,” he said.

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