Botswana believes in Griffin Saenda’s magic


Botswana Netball Association (Bona) hopes that the week-long hiring of the netball Queens’ Coach, Griffin Saenda Senior, would help turn Botswana national netball team into world-beaters.

Saenda returned from Botswana last week after Bona hired him to help with the selection of players for that country’s national team, which is gearing up for the World Netball Championship scheduled for August in the United Kingdom.

Bona President, Malebo Raditladi, was quoted by as saying Saenda was engaged because of his illustrious resume after he led the Malawian netball team to several world championships.


“We agreed on sourcing someone who has worked with high level athletes because choosing athletes for national team engagements requires skill and experience; hence, only the highly-knowledgeable coach was required for the job.

“We have not been able to host our league in the past year. The league assisted in assessing potential national team players, so we had to come up with an alternative, which was to bring a pool of players under one setting and select a team from them,” she said.

In an interview with Sun Sports newspaper of Botswana, Saenda said Botswana’s netballers have the talent to compete with other top Africa teams.


“The opportunity to work with Botswana players was wonderful. The players are open to advice and that made everything easy for us.

“They need further training before August because other associations are certainly working hard to attain good results,” Saenda is quoted as saying.

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