Botswana fair trading commission hails CFTC


By Chimwemwe Mangazi:

KULISEWA— We are delighted

A delegation from the Competition Authority of Botswana that was in the country to appreciate how Malawi is fairing in adhering to consumer protection laws has commended the Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) rating it as a model.

Competition Authority of Botswana Director of Communications and Advocacy, Gideon Nkala, said the delegation was impressed with CFTC’s performance and systems it has put in place in enforcing competition and fair trading-related laws.


“The purpose of our mission was to benchmark with a reputable agency that is implementing both Acts and we will try and improve some of our systems based on what we see to be working for the CFTC.,” Nkala said.

CFTC Director of Consumer Affairs and Education, Lewis Kulisewa, said the commission was delighted to host their Botswana counterparts.

“This is the second benchmarking tour that the Competition and Fair Trading Commission has hosted in the past six months.


“As a relatively new competition and consumer protection authority, we are delighted with the recognition that the Competition and Fair Trading Commission is receiving from other established authorities in Africa and beyond as an established centre of excellence” Kulisewa said.

Apart from interacting with staff from CFTC, the delegation also met officials from the Reserve Bank of Malawi, Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority, Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Authority, National Lotteries Board, Malawi Bureau of Standards, Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority and Consumer Association of Malawi.

In November last year, CFTC hosted a four member delegation from the Sudan’s Anti-Trust Council.

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