Boxing board plans changes


Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board (MPBCB) has started planning for life without its spokesperson Frank Chibisa after delegating his duties to the body’s general secretary, Jonny Palichese and vice secretary, Mbachichi Nyirenda.

Chibisa, who is currently on sabbatical, recently expressed his desire to step down from the association at the end of the year.

In an interview Chibisa said he was still assisting in the board in the background to ensure smooth transition.


“Of course, I am still part of the system but currently I am on holiday. It is not like I am running away. But it is time for others to serve the body. As such some have taken the leading role as I am stepping aside. In the background I am still there because it is part of transition process,” he said.

Chibisa is well-known of owning Ayaya Boxing Stable which promoted the likes of Limbani Masamba and Jonas Kakwere. The stable also had its own gym in Fargo-Chilomoni Township in Blantyre.

Nyirenda confirmed that Chibisa’s duties were delegated to the secretariat.


“We are just assisting him [Chibisa] because he is attending to other issues. Otherwise he is still part of us [MPBCB],” he said.

Recently, MPBCB asked the government to consider buying standard boxing rings to help in the development of the sport.

The body’s president, Lonzoe ‘Defector’ Zimba said sometimes local professional boxers fail to impress at international level because of failure to adapt to quality rings.

“Locally most of our boxers use amateur standard rings which makes it difficult for them to adjust when fighting in other countries,” he said.

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