Boxing bodies fight


Despite a reported truce between Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board and Malawi Boxing Association’s (Maba) professional wings, the two bodies are still at loggerheads.

Maba’s professional committee’s Chairperson, Daudi Chikwanje, has accused MPBCB of trying to disrupt the body’s plans by planning to roll out Association for International Boxing Association (Aiba) recognised pro-boxing.

Chikwanje’s remarks follows accusations that Maba engaged an ageing Kenyan boxer Kaminja Ramadhan to fight against Malawian Musa Ajibu in Lilongwe on Sunday.


The bout marked Maba’s launch of a talent identification campaign for 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games.

Maba has also been taken to task for allegedly stating that Ramadhan, 40, was from Kenya when records indicate that he is from Tanzania.

The heavyweight boxer, Ajibu, who ditched MPBCB for Maba’s sanctioned professional fights, knocked out Ramadhan in 40 seconds of the first-round.


Irate fans bayed for Ramadhan’s blood and he had to be whisked away by the police.

Chikwanje claimed that MPBCB was blocking the committee from engaging reputable international boxers.

“Ajibu was expected to face Tinayi Marudzo from Zimbabwe but he pulled out after our counterparts connived with promoters from Zimbabwe,” he claimed.

“Now they are questioning the credentials of his replacements. We also have information that they are trying to block Wilson Masamba from facing a South African boxer.”

Commenting on whether Ramadhan was from Kenya, Chikwanje insisted that a boxer can reside in any country of their choice.

“We have Isaac Chilemba from Malawi and he fights from South Africa whereas Charles Manyuchi from Zimbabwe fights from Zambia. So that does not change their nationality,” he said.

Information for Chilemba and Manyuchi clearly shows their country of origin whereas Ramadhan is regarded as Tanzanian on and

MPBCB spokesperson, Frank Chibisa, said they were not blocking Maba from engaging international opponents.

“Normally our foreign counterparts seek our consent on whether the boxer is from us or the other body. We simply respond professionally so that our counterparts can make informed decisions,” he said.

Chibisa also said they were not responsible for exposing Ramadhan’s country of origin.

“We are leaving in a global world where information is at the fingertip. People can search on records about boxers. In this case, it was people who reacted after they felt that the boxer gave them a raw deal,” he said.

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