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Boys bemoan biased gender interventions

ENGAGED LEARNERS – Banda (right)

By Llywellenie Mpasa:

Primary school learners in Chikwawa District have asked authorities to empower boys in education and other aspects as much as they empower girls, saying boys risk having limited opportunities to learn and develop.

The learners voiced their concerns at Changa Primary School Ngabu, when gospel musician Ethel Kamwendo Banda organised a discussion on human rights abuse and challenges that are pushing children out of school.

Standard eight learner, Felix Chideya, 14, charged that most non-governmental organisations’ interventions targeting children are leaving out boys, who equally need to be empowered.

“The country is empowering a future generation of women but it is not equally preparing boys for that generation. Boys must not be left behind, otherwise, we are creating a future generation of egocentric men who will not understand evils of gender-based violence,” Chideya said.

At the event, Banda disclosed that she was composing a song which would tackle human rights abuses towards children in rural areas.

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