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Brevities on varieties

People of Europe are fond of commenting on the politics of Africa, most of the time criticizing though occasionally praising the likes of Botswana governance system.

In the year 2016 Britain held a referendum on whether to remain a member of the European Union or to leave it. The ‘leave’ vote was marginally bigger and now Prime Minister Teresa May finds it hard going to agree with the EU the terms Britain may remain associated with it. There is a substantial and vocal group in UK that has not accepted the result of the referendum. Now its members are agitating for another referendum.

Economists, especially members of the Royal Economic Society blame the BBC for allegedly giving a group of less credible economists equal space and time during debates preceding the vote. This group which was for quitting is said to have misled the public about the economic consequence that will face Britain if she secedes from the EU. About half of British exports go to the EU market.

Those who voted for “Leave” say membership of the EU exposes Britain to a flood of immigrants especially from Poland and Turkey. If the EU values Britain’s membership it should not insist on free movement should be conditioned. If the EU makes concession on this, the second referendum if held could be pro “Remain”.

The second reason for Brexit identified with Boris Johnson is that Britain would save the money required for the National Health Services (NHS). But if Britain experiences difficulties in selling in common market of the EU once it has exited there will be no extra money for the NHS. Most business people in Britain are against Brexit because they fear they will be at disadvantage.

Most people of the world want Britain to remain a member of the European Union, European Unity plus the United States and Canada will neutralize the impending domination of the colossuses of Asia, China, India and Japan. As Lord Acton noted, power tends to corrupt absolute power corrupts absolutely. Small countries of the world have hitherto been speaking against European and American domination of the world. When China India and Japan have become super powers they might also be attempted to throw their weights around. A strong EU would be an anti-dote to this.

The world be better off if Scotland remains part of the United Kingdom, Catalonia part of Spain, both Britain and Spain part of the European United Nations Organisation (UNO). This way peace will be durable.


Though there has been a third world war since the Second World War ended in 1945 some people still become stateless. At present the tiny state of Israel is grappling with illegal immigrants from Sudan and Eritrea. The countries from which these immigrants have departed have more room than Israel. Why they have preferred Israel to larger countries of the Middle East such as Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Jordan is a beat of puzzle.

Israel would like the 50,000 refugees to go some African countries since going to their own countries would be unsafe for them. Uganda has agreed to 500 of them, even a thousand would like a drop in the ocean.

What some of us do not understand is why the United Nations Secretary General does not visit the capital of Sudan and Britain and appeal to them to get their people back. If the governments of these countries announced amnesty very likely their people would go back rather than live as stateless.

Those countries like Malawi whose nationals have not fled into exile should maintain conditions which have made this possible. The life of a refugee is very pathetic. Most people who live in exile have been demanding political reforms in their countries and have resorting to armed resistance. They have failed to topple the hated regime and here gone into exile to escape reprisals.


Perhaps the existence of the planning commission will inject since and logic into the management of the Malawi economy. One ministry encourages the growing of tobacco, another encourages an Egyptian firm to come and start a cigarette factory, a third ministry warns people not to smoke cigarettes in case they endanger their heath. It is no longer news to be told that smoking is a health hazard. Is these not inconsistence in this.

Would it not be more pleasant to hear about what news projects will be introduced to diversify the exports of Malawi since tobacco exports do not have any future unless technology is invented which can make smoking harmless or even curative. This is a challenge to our scientists.

It required a concentration of imagination for the scientists, who first put a human voice into a machine and made it talk.

Our scientist should study the biographies of people who invented modern devices of civilization and become inventors and innovators themselves.

The wealth of countries like Japan, Germany United States comes more from inventions than from agriculture.

It is the ingenuity of scientists that has made these countries wealthy. If African countries are to become prosperous scientists should be working hard in laboratories to invent and innovate. Ask not what your country can do for you, respond to your country’s request by become inventive.

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