Brighton Malasa for two children per family


Anglican Bishop for the Upper Shire Diocese, who is also chairperson for the Anglican Council of Malawi, Brighton Malasa, has asked government to consider coming up with a policy to limit the number of children to two per family as one way of solving socio-economic problems the country is facing.

Malasa made the proposal in Mzuzu on Saturday when he addressed a national conference of Mothers Union of his church.

Government has since welcomed Malasa’s proposal but said there is need for more consultations on the issue so that all Malawians should understand when asked to reduce the number of children.


In an interview after addressing the conference, Malasa insisted that it was high t ime gove rnment introduced a child policy to limit the number of children per family because he said most of the socio-economic challenges Malawians are facing are as a result of high population.

“Government should come up with a child policy and my proposal is two children per family. We are in trouble today because of the population which does not match with the resources we have. In the UK, the policy is two children while in China one child per family. Here in Malawi it is free for all and we are producing babies as if we are in competition,” he said.

Malasa also said the country has failed to take care of the environment and is faced with many challenges, including water problems, shortage of drugs in hospitals, lack of space in public universities and perpetual blackouts, among others, as a result of high population.


“I was addressing the women on these issues because they are the ones that bring life to the world. Female members of Parliament, who are also members of the Mothers Union, were there and I challenged them to discuss this issue in Parliament,” he said.

But Malasa expressed worry that although in majority, many of the women are illiterate and would argue that the Bible says that people should multiply like the sand of the sea.

“But at that time, God was telling Adam,” argued Malasa.

Meanwhile, government spokesperson Kondwani Nankhumwa on Sunday welcomed Malasa’s idea but said Malawians need to debate on the issue.

“That is a welcome suggestion. But we need to exhaust all consultations so that no one accuses us of having imposed the policy on them. There will also be need for civic education for all people in the country so that they understand why they are asked to produce only two children and not five or six,” said Nankhumwa.

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