Britam motor insurance policy to benefit NGOs


Britam has launched a new motor vehicle policy targeting Non- Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

Dubbed NGO Gold Cover, the product will, among other things, provide NGOs with an opportunity to cover all their vehicles under one policy.

According to Britam Chief Executive Officer, Grant Mwenechanya, the product has been introduced as a way of supporting NGOs in their efforts to contribute to the social and economic development of the country.


“Britam recognises the challenges NGOs are facing such as lack or reduced funding. When we looked at the market, we identified a gap and the need for an innovative product that would address the challenges,” Mwenechanya said.

He added that the product has competitive rates with a wider geographical area,  covering Central, East and Southern African countries.

“In this cover, medical expenses are covered up to at least K100,000. We are also providing self-authorisation of repairs limit of K500,000, which is going to speed up processing of minor claims and third party property damage, death or bodily injury limit of up to K5 million on accidents,” Mwenechanya added.


Commenting on the development, Executive Director of the Council for Non- Governmental Organisations in Malawi (Congoma), Ronald Mtonga, hailed Britam stressing that the product will go a long way in reducing costs their members incur in motor vehicle insurance.

“We are very keen to try this product. As they are indicating, we expect competitive rates on this product and I am sure they did their homework and are going to beat the rates that others are offering on the market,” Mtonga said.

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