Buffoonery will not hoodwink Malawians


The stupidity of gathering a band of nonentities, otherwise christened civil society members, and hurl them in front of state broadcaster cameras to rail at the Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera does not lie in the act itself.

This is a free country and people are free to engage in buffoonery as much as they want as long they do not kill themselves or others.

The stupidity of such an action lies in the fact that whoever is responsible for concocting such propaganda thinks that Malawians are so daft that they can believe the buffoonery meant to divert attention from the biggest scandal to ever dog the Peter Mutharika administration.


Propaganda is a about deliberately peddling information into the public arena which is essentially misleading to promote a particular spin or political point of view.

Those that are successful at the art of propaganda are smart and subtle but more importantly they project some iota of believability in the spin.

My unsolicited advice to whoever is responsible for propaganda in the DPP establishment is to take a crash course in the art to know its subtleties and underlying currents because at the moment they are simply doing a bad job at it.


There is a picture of some unfinished normal upmarket house project which the online media claimed last week belonged to Chakwera.

The DPP propaganda machine went into overdrive this week and began to give it some figures they claim Chakwera has spent on the unfinished house.

But their imagination got the better of them that in the frenzy of the buffoonery they gathered a few band of individuals, called them civil society members and fronted them

on MBC Television to ask the Anti Corruption Bureau to probe Chakwera.

They do not say what is wrong with any Malawian, irrespective of their position, to build a normal house in Lilongwe and why ACB should be involved.

If they suspect that Chakwera stole the money to build the house like most of the individuals connected to DPP have done with our tax, they should have lodged a complaint with ACB first before asking it to probe the Leader of Opposition.

Now what would be their response since Chakwera has said he is ready for such a probe in the spirit of servant leadership.

The issue is not about Chakwera.

Rather, it is feeble minds in the DPP government thinking that Malawians are so stupid that they would not see through this miserable charade and hopeless stunt of trying to divert their attention from the pervasive corruption that has engulfed this administration as exemplified by the maize scandal.

Chakwera was in his element last weekend lambasting the DPP administration for the malfeasance and laying it bare on how hopeless and spineless the President has been in handling the crisis.

Chakwera called for bold action on corruption from Mutharika without which Malawians are free to confront and defy him.

He opined that deposed Agriculture Minister, George Chaponda, should be in court via a police cell to answer for the crimes that he has been accused of as a result of the President’s own commission of inquiry which found that his behaviour, as regards the importation of maize from Zambia, especially in his dealings with Transglobe, was “most inappropriate, suspicious and raising issues of corruption.”

Simply put, Chakwera has thrown a gauntlet at the President and there has been a deathly response from a man that Malawians entrusted with power.

Mutharika’s answer to the scandal is to keep quiet and cocoon himself at the State House instead of addressing Malawians to assuage their fears of the poor direction that this country is taking as a result of pervasive corruption in his administration.

On the contrary, what Malawians get is buffoonery and idiosyncrasy to divert their attention from this real issue which is of great concern.

What insolence it is!

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