Bullets board yet to meet in 2 years

Stone Mwamadi

Some members of Nyasa Big Bullets board of directors have expressed concern over the possibility of Nyasa Manufacturing Company (NMC) fulfilling its contractual obligations in the Memorandum of Understanding which they signed as part of takeover.

Bullets board of directors was expected to meet quarterly to evaluate progress but this has not happened for almost two years raising doubts that the company could finalise the deal.

Bullets Director of Supporters Stone Mwamadi said the club was losing direction due to lack of board meetings.


“We have not been meeting as board members and we don’t have a platform to raise some of the crucial issues affecting the club. I think our board is just a figurehead,” he said.

Mwamadi said it was time to evaluate the contents of the MoU having been under NMC armpits for two years following a five year deal.

As part of the agreement, the company was supposed to build a stadium for Bullets, build a club house in each region and also buy a modern bus. Apparently, NMC bought a bus from South Africa but it was perpetually at the garage.


“The sponsors still have two more years left of the five year contract we signed. Up to now the company is yet to build a club house. We don’t have a bus and we use a borrowed one [bus]. The company is also yet to buy land for the construction of the stadium. We are not taking about the stadium which the State President promised. So we want our bosses to deliver all what they promised,” he said.

One of the Bullets Directors, Chifundo Makande, who is also Balaka Central East member of parliamentarian, doubted if the projects will be accomplished in the remaining years.

“It is a non-starter to think about all those projects. We will not have a stadium and three club houses as promised because the remaining period is too short. I also feel we don’t have a board at Bullets because we don’t meet. I can’t remember the last time we met. Perhaps the last time we met was when the company took over the team in 2018. Last year we didn’t meet at all. This year we haven’t met and it is an unhealthy,” he said.

However, Makande, believes the team’s performance was outstanding as players were receiving their salaries on time.

Another Bullets Director Reverend Moyenda Kanjerwa said he was equally in the dark on when they last met.

“I wouldn’t really recall when we last met may be talk to my bosses at the Club,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bullets Supporters Secretary Mabvuto Chiwambo has faulted the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee which is headed by Blantyre City South parliamentarian Noel Lipipa for not doing enough to push the company to hold meetings.

“We have noted that the Monitoring and Evaluation committee has not been active therefore not doing enough to push for things to happen at the club. As supporters we will not sit idle and watch things go sour at the club. We will mobilise ourselves [supporters] to see how best to push the sponsors to fulfill all what we agreed in the MOU,” he said.

Lipipa could not be reached to comment.

Bullets President, Konrad Buckle, who is also Nyasa Manufacturing Company, while confirming that the board had not been meeting promised to find the cause of it.

However, Buckle said NMC had done enough to promote the club and fulfill the contents of the MoU.

“I would expect people to appreciate what we have achieved half way through the journey the team is doing well and we also managed to pay the teams debt. We haven’t been able to provide the club houses as stated in the MoU but about the stadium we expect to invest on the land where government provided us. Did you try finding out whether we have the money or not?” Buckle asked.

He also added that the company had already hired a brand new bus which is yet to arrive in the country but it is not possible now due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Bullets have participated in Caf Champions League twice since NMC took over the side.

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