Bush fires hamper replantation in Chikangawa Forest


Malawi Total Land Care Afforestation Manager in Luwawa- South of Viphya Plantations Division, commonly known as Chikangawa Forest, has said trees covering 926 hectares have been replanted since July 2012.

Project manager, Paul Mwale, who is also former project manager for Chikangawa Forest, said bush fires have affected the replantation exercise.

“This year alone we have lost more than ten hectares due to bushfires, and this is detrimental to the future of the forest as it is on the verge of depletion due to the high rate of deforestation and bushfires,” said Mwale.


He said poaching, encroachment and deliberate setting of bush fires were some of the notable causes of destruction.

“It is strange that citizens do not consider many returns the forest has been able to provide before committing such malpractices,” He wondered.

Malawi has lost 16.9 percent of its forest cover to deforestation and bushfires, a development that has seen the country lose over 659 000 hectares of forest cover between 1990 and 2000.


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