Business at the speed of light


Things happen so fast in the tech world. It is for this reason that computer technology is said to be dynamic. That is half the story; translated into business speak that moniker means technology business is capital intensive and its products have shorter life cycles.

Take for example top-notch smartphones of today, they cost a lot to research and develop yet the lifespan of top-end Samsung or Apple smartphones is only twelve months.

Apple and Samsung must work at the speed of light to design and develop new flagship smartphones each and every year.


These companies must put enough whistles and bells in their new inventions to entice customers to abandon smartphones they bought a year earlier and spend yet another thousand dollars on a new one.

When people buy new motor vehicles, they do not replace those vehicles each and every year; they use them for five years or so before yearning for something more spectacular. It is not so with computers, smartphones and technology gadgets.

Both TNM and Airtel have been boasting about their 4G implementations. Both companies have spent millions of dollars for the 4G deployment. It is reasonable that these entities must get a return on their investment. They are not charitable organizations, or are they?


For this to happen there is need for time so that 4G is ubiquitous. After that, there is need for even more time to allow TNM and Airtel to recover what they spent on 4G, break even and make a profit.

The problem is that this is fast-paced technology space, before all that is allowed to take place, there comes 5G.

With its multiple antennae system, 5G is a super-speed system. It is a technology that will make the internet extremely faster. It is the transport for Internet of Things; fridges will connect to Shoprite and

Game Stores and make orders for refreshments and food that are running low. Those shops will make deliveries to your home and Mo626 or FDH 525 will complete the transaction by making a payment.

All that will happen without your intervention. Nirvana.

The question remains, how soon will both TNM and Airtel and other internet service providers implement 5G? The answer is not anytime soon. Why? You have not been attentive! These companies have not yet recovered their investment on 4G and you expect them to jump onto 5G?

It is an oxymoron; while the technology world is dynamic, the amount of business in third world countries does not support the short life cycles of technology products. Hence we lag behind.

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