‘Buy Malawi Policy needs more buy-in’


The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism has indicated that more time is needed for people to fully embrace Malawian products.

Spokesman in the ministry, Wiskes Mkombezi, said this ahead of commemorations to mark Malawi Day scheduled to take place at the Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe on April 13.

Malawi Day is an initiative that forms part of the Buy Malawi Strategy and is now in its second year.


“One year may not be enough for the country to fully embrace the strategy. However, we have seen a huge response from the public sector, including civil servants wearing traditional Malawian attire on Fridays,” Mkombezi said.

He further said there is need for continued sensitisation on the importance of consuming and using products made within Malawi.

“Malawians need to understand the benefits of using local services and consuming local products. Most economies have grown because they adopted strategies that encourage consumption of locally produced products,” Mkombezi said.


He also said the private sector needs to come in and support wearing of traditional attire.

“By putting on locally made attire, it means we are promoting our Small and Medium Enterprises, which is a plus to the economy. Similarly, consumption of home grown food, means uplifting the lives of our farmers,” he said.

The commemorations will include exhibitions by local companies.

The Buy Malawi Strategy was launched in March 2016 by President Peter Mutharika as one way of encouraging Malawians to patronise local products over imported ones.

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