C.O & Chawa Tribe Band dates Chez Maky


Musician and former Big Brother Africa (BBA) representative Code Sangala, who goes by the name C.O in the music circles, will Friday night perform at Chez Macky in Blantyre with his newly formed group known as The Chawa Tribe Band.

The show comes after the musician recently unveiled his new group The Chawa Tribe Band at Blue Elephant in Blantyre.

The dreadlocked musician said he is ready for the show tonight which will clash with several other performances happening tonight, including the launch of Black Missionaries’ Kuimba 10 album at Robin’s Park and Mafilika’s concert at Mibawa Café just a few kilometers from the venue.


“I am excited to hold another show in Blantyre having unveiled my band which I will be working with recently. I am calling it The Chawa Tribe Band because I am in love with languages. I am more interested in Yao and this will be my focus. My music will be rooted to Chewa and Yao languages,” he said.

C.O, who used to star with Kapirintiya alongside his brother Shadre before he went solo, was expected to perform in Lilongwe but the capital city concert has been shifted to next month.

He said it is easier to have a band as a point of reference adding that the band will add colour to his live acts.


“My album Solo The Album is 90 percent live so its easier for me in terms of rehearsals and live performances unlike in the past when I didn’t have a band. This is a band of dedicated musicians who have a passion for music,” said C.O.

He said people should brace for the best during the concert adding that he will dish out several songs including ‘Tithana,’ and ‘Kumazyole.’

C.O is also utilising some of his concerts to fight malaria through his fight malaria campaign and during the show at Blue Elephant, he distributed mosquito nets which he received from Sue Carter from USA, who raised the money through her church and made the donation through Blantyre Malaria Project.

The show at Chez Maky will also see a guest performance from Chez Maky Band.

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