Canaan of nightmares


With Wesley Macheso:

It has become normal for Malawians to wake up to bad news. What is even more disheartening is that the tragedies that make our news are ones of existential consequences. In the week that just ended, we have come to understand that there is no way we are going to Canaan as previously promised by our politicians. Our dying currency, the Kwacha, has been devalued by 25 percent amidst news that some of the thieves who have made sure that we remain poor may be our favourite politicians.

The devaluation of the Kwacha does not come as a surprise at all. It was expected. Those of us who are able to read and follow global trends know that a country like Malawi will remain poor for as long as we don’t change how we do things. We are chronic importers and we export almost nothing. The problem is not that we do not have the capacity to export, but we are rather just used to poverty – the worst of which is in the minds of our leaders. When they campaigned for power, they told us about introducing manufacturing plants across the country where our abundant agricultural products would be processed for export. But the moment they got the power, they started thinking about how to enrich themselves and forgot about the country.


It is sad today to hear that some top politicians have been mentioned in the notorious corruption case involving Zuneth Sattar currently in courts in the United Kingdom. The Sattar case is tantamount to State capture and one can seldom fathom a betrayal bigger than stealing from your own people. Social media reports indicated that some big men are suspected to be involved in this evil. The alleged involvement of these big men comes at a time when the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Titus Mvalo, assured us that no one in the Tonse Alliance administration is involved in the Sattar scandal. The recent revelations on what is contained in the court file only show you that you cannot trust what our leaders tell us. We can also now understand why they have been hiding details of this case from the general public. Self-interest, as always, is what matters to them and the plight of the average Malawian is nothing to these politicians. By now, we know that it will take citizens of goodwill to save this country from the poisonous fangs of its politicians. And the question everyone should ask themselves is – what role am I playing to save my country from its selfish leaders?

It is sad that a considerable number of people fail to see beyond their immediate economic interests and rally behind politicians who are responsible for their poverty. They are always busy defending this politician or the other simply because they give them money. These people are not intelligent enough to realise that their country is bigger and much more important than any politician in a suit. They do not know that the money they beg from their big man was supposed to be theirs in the first place. The sad thing is that most of these shameless idol worshippers are young men and women, otherwise full of potential. But they have decided to board the wrong train on their way to this Canaan of nightmares.

President Lazarus Chakwera is set to speak to Malawians this evening and we hope that his speech will be of substance. We want him to tell us what he thinks about the alleged involvement of his “trusted” men in the Sattar scandal. As we speak, Malawians have lost all hope in this government, and if elections were to be conducted today, the Tonse Alliance would lose. The cost of living is unbearable and yet the leadership is doing nothing about it. Malawians are tired of living like slaves in their own land. They are fed up with politicians who steal from them. We want change for better lives, and we want it now.


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