‘Caring’ music the Hyphen, Rudo way


There have not been many Hip-Hop artists in Malawi who have, over the years, managed to weather the storm and hold their own irrespective of circumstances. One such artist is Hyphen, formerly known as Yung Kay. Right from the days of giving us anthems such as ‘Kuusumana’ on which he featured Ace Dirty and ‘Anankabango’ where he collaborated with Tigris in 2016; Hyphen has cemented his place among the greats of M-Dubz as far as Hip-Hop music is concerned.

From Exhale, First Impression to Pauchidolo mixtape down to the rendition track ‘A Rozi’ produced by DJ Sley on which he featured Leslie, his catalogue is quite vast such that we can keep on citing his songs until chickens come home to roost.

A Rozi munganyade!




Ife timagwira ntchito,


a Rosemary munganyade!


Ine mpaka manyazi,

nkhawa zoyambitsa danzi, ndikakuona ndi fans, phuma

kuthamanga mwazi

Usandipake uswazi Rozi

kundidyetsa nazo frus,

kusonkhezera tima hands kuti

mwina umweko timadzi

That is a typical Hyphen as he rapped his way on ‘A Rozi’. One thing that has struck me though about this artist is that he is usually on point whenever he jumps on a tune and whenever he wants to get ‘churched up’ or take his audience to church with him through his songs, he has always managed to do so with so much ease. Songs such as ‘Mercy’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ can bear witness to the prowess of this gifted son of the soil.

I was taken down this particular lane in the course of the week when I chanced upon a new song called ‘You care’ by Rudo Nkukupa Chakwera on which Hyphen drops a verse.

Before we dissect the actual song, it is worth noting that Rudo Nkukupa Chakwera is a great artist in her own right. The songbird has serenaded Malawians over the years through songs such as ‘Mwana wa masiye’.

Ndine mwana wamasiye,

Ndilibe mayi ndi bambo,Makolo onse anafa,

Edzi inawatenga

Ndakulira mumsewu

Ndimadya zotolereza ngati galu Kodi inu mulibe chisoni?

Ndikuvutika, ndne mwana wamasiye!

And ‘Yesu ndiye mbuye’ was quite a moving spiritual piece and the melodic voice of Rudo again took the tune to a whole different level.

Yesu ndiye mbuye!

Yesu ndiye mbuyee!

Amatikondadi Yesu!


These were quite a hit back in the 90s down to the dawn of the millennium and now it seems that Rudo is back to reclaim her rightful place in local music circles following the release of ‘You Care’.

In a nutshell, the new song sees both Rudo and Hyphen in awe and glorifying God for taking care of his people through all seasons, regardless of circumstances.

I know you care about me

I know you care about me

I know you care about me

For I know… simulakwitsa


Pomwe n’nathodwa ndikuyesa,

simusuntha mukumbutsa chipangano chanu


Ngakhale nyengo zitasintha, simuphwanya

pangano, mumasamala

za ine!

Ngakhale mphepo


mantha sakusunthani, mbiri yanga


Cholinga chanu pa moyo wanga,

mwachivundukula, mudzilemekeze nokha!


I know you care about me

I know you care about me

I know you care about me For

I know…simulakwitsa

It is at this point that we see Hyphen jumping in to drop his bars:

Lord, these unmerited


that make us believe there’s

no situation ‘can change us

ndikamamira alipo amandiwedza, kuchikweza, tchimo lililonse


I wanna be anchored, help me believe I’m deserving

Zikapanda kuyenda help me

believe there’s a lesson

I wanna be right, pure as a sinner’s confession

I learnt early on if I question your intention, right

Zinalembedwa zonse tikudutsamo

Nyengo zimasintha sichisintha ndi chilungamo

Mtima kulemedwa ndi zomwe ndikusungamo,

I don’t take credit for all this, it’s you alone

I know you care, love in its purest

form, simulakwitsa, we couldn’t sing a truer


Kutifera kuja anakhululukanso, so,

if you feel the same way hope you sing along!

The instrumentation, particularly the piano which was employed, was equally captivating, right from the beginning of the tune as it moves one closer to worshipping God; we can just say there was a good balance between the vocals and the instrumentation.

While there was a bit of murmuring among some music enthusiasts as regards to who among the two artists came out tops on the track, Hyphen quickly shut down such comparative narratives with a simple post on his facebook page which read:

“I think how we consume music has watered down the purpose the music is made for. When artists collaborate, it’s to add value to a vision that one of the artists already had. Not to compete. Komanso nzabhobho kuyamikira artist amene mmamufila without downplaying effort yama artist ena,” he remarked.

In keeping with trends of the modern days, the song was immediately made available to the public on the release day through online platforms. Certainly, these platforms have made life easier for a lot of people particularly music fans as they get to access music in real time.

As has been argued by pundits, it is quite possible for artists to start raking benefits from their sweat through monetised digital platforms which they decide to utilise. However, piracy has also slowly crept its way into this modern system.

But for now, we can all just get to enjoy Rudo and Hyphen’s ‘You Care’ without necessarily having to consider the costs.

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