Cast of savages


On Friday, Carlos—a very good and observant friend—took me aside and confessed that until now, he thought the description of Malawi as a rotten state was an exaggeration by newspaper aimed at propping up copy sales.

What has yanked Carlos to accept that we are living in a country that stinks of corruption, putrefying manners and outright immorality is the recent revelations about the Malawi-Zambia maize deal and how the issue has been handled. He believes, and rightly so, that we are living in a country that is governed by people who do not have an iota of shame when it comes to their involvement in corruption.

I have been telling people that the revelations about the dubious maize deal are nothing compared to the grand thieving schemes that are happening right now. Peter Mutharika—for that is the guy on top of everything—shockingly tells people that his government is less corrupt than previous ones. The other day in the Northern Region, Mutharika told people that the proliferation of corruption in the country is not of his making; rather, it is an ulcer that has been growing even in previous governments. He might be right. But where he is missing the point is that by telling us that he found a corrupt machinery and all he can do is let it roll until it comes to a voluntary halt is a stark confession that as President, he accepts corruption and that he is too weak to deal with it.


Elsewhere, where people have presidents or leaders worth their title, people mentioned in the maize deal could have been sent packing pending investigations. But, at home, we have decided to create a not-so-convincing commission of inquiry whose purpose, to people like me, is to buy time and divert

people’ s attention from the grand thieving of the K9.5 billion. Aside, the question that should be asked is: who pocketed that money?

Come to the question “who?”, then the ruling—or call it ruining—Democratic Progressive Party should now be struggling to tell us who gave the order to the party’s savages to bully and beat up people after their loss in the mayoral elections in Lilongwe.


But we all know that nobody gave anyone the order. I understand that senior party officials including Francis Mphepo—who happens to be the party’s CEO—and Hetherwick Ntaba (whatever useless position he holds) were urging the ruffians to go violent after the defeat. But I know, with or without the two, the DPP thugs could still have gone violent because violence is exactly what is in their DNA.

Every time the DPP is in power, Malawi is turned to a state of lawlessness where terror rules. Corruption thrives under the DPP and we all know that. Poor Joyce Banda and her wagon of robbers are blamed for the K24 billion Cashgate in various dubious deals. Our nutty professor’s government is sitting on a K577 billion Cashgate and, as it seems, all those involved are protected. In one grand scam— Admarc again—K9.5 billion grew wings, somehow, meaning it only needs two-and-a half-deals for the current government to match the K24 billion lost in JB’s ill-fated reign.

When you have a country that has become the perfect epitome of corruption and savagely, then you must be afraid, very afraid. If you were to ask me, all this mess has come about because we give too much power to people who govern us or are connected to the people that govern us. For instance, those roughnecks who went about beating up people in Lilongwe after the mayoral polls knew that they had the blessing of the ruling party.

On the eve of the star-crossed July 20 demos, some thugs had the guts of riding in DPP branded vehicles while brandishing machetes in an attempt to cower people from taking part in the demos. Obvious as it was that these were party-sponsored terrorists, the police looked the other way while wetting their undies in fear. Up to now, nobody has been disciplined for that blatant show of lawlessness.

I can bet my dime that the thugs that went about beating up people in Lilongwe will not be punished; instead they will receive blue medals of honour for behaving the way their party expects them to.

I had an encounter with one journalist-cum-politician, or the other way round, who confidently told me that he can shoot me and “bury me like a dog” without him facing the law since he was connected to the ruling DPP. But this world has its way of dealing with such kind of idiots. Ask me where he is now.

So, I was not surprised with the savages that beat up people in Lilongwe because I know they are sponsored and they will even become more rabid as we approach 2019. That is what we must expect when our country is run by a cast of savages.

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