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Castel Malawi on Friday gave 20 cases of Quench Water to Times Group to be used during the elections coverage.

Speaking during the handover, Castel Malawi Head of Marketing, Twikale Chirwa, said the company understands the huge task the media group has in giving the country credible information about elections.

“We understand the duty you have in giving up to the minute updates to Malawians during the elections and we decided to keep your team hydrated with the purest and highest quality water in Malawi,” Chirwa said.


Times Group Commercial Manager, Lusayo Msukwa, thanked the firm for the support which he rates as timely.

“As Times, we are grateful to our partners, Castel Malawi, for the kind gesture of donating Quench water bottles. During this historic moment, Malawians will count on Times Television, Times Radio and Times Online to give them minute by minute updates as Fresh Presidential Election Results come in,” Msukwa said.

Times Group has one daily and two weekly newspapers, TV, Radio and Online platform.


Castel Malawi produces Malawi’s flagship soft drink Sobo Squash and alcoholic beverages such as Malawi Gin.

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